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Gulistan’s 9 spinning mills with 215,000 spindles and 4,200 rotors produce 70,000 tons per year of cotton & blended yarns from 4/1 to 120/1 as well as up to 10-plied yarns. This is complemented by a yarn dyeing plant with a capacity of 3,000 tons per year of a wide variety of mélange and dyed yarns. Gulistan Group has one of the largest and most versatile spinning setup in Pakistan. 
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The state of art weaving unit with its 255 air jet and projectile looms have a capacity of weaving 36 million linear meters of high quality greige fabric in widths ranging from 40 inches to 144 inches and thread counts as high as 600 in single, double and four pick insertions. The weaving product line includes fabrics for garments, home textiles and industrial applications.
Gulistan has set up a 500 stitching machines woven apparel unit ensuring aesthetics, elegance and fineness. Gulistan is producing 8000 trousers per day through its latest state of the art mechanical setup, production planning systems and design mechanism.
Home Textiles
Home Textile products are the latest addition to the group’s product range. A manual fabrication facility is being setup and exports have already begun of top quality yarn dyed sheet sets into the United States. The fabrication setup is due to be followed by a dyeing and printing plant.

Captive Power:

All the group projects are energized by power generation plants with a total capacity of 40 megawatts eliminating reliance on public sources.


Gulistan Group is setting up a 200 MW Power Plant for supply of electricity to WAPDA. Gujranwala Energy Limited (GEL) was incorporated on in September 2006 in this context.

The gross capacity of the complex is 200 MW and net capacity at reference site conditions is 195 MW.

What the future holds?

The post quota era poses tremendous challenges to the textile sector worldwide, hence providing an enormous growth potential for countries like Pakistan having a strong textile infrastructure.This is bound to increase Pakistan's share in the world textile market.

Gulistan Group envisages this growth potential and is already gearing up to embrace the changing and challenging future of the industry. We are in the process of evaluating the following new project:

  • Home Textile Dyeing & Printing Plant
  • Denim Manufacturing
  • Towel Manufacturing
  • Socks Manufacturing

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